RotorTech 2024



RotorTech 2024 will see the return of its popular static aircraft display park featuring rotary wing, fixed wing, uncrewed and defence assets on display from the commercial aviation and emergency response sectors as well as distributors and the Australian Defence Force.

By registering as a RotorTech 2024 Trade Visitor, you will have three days of access to the static display park which will be onsite at RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast. View Event Maps here.

Interested in flying your own helicopter to RotorTech 2024? Find out more and book your arrival time here.

Static aircraft list correct as of May 2024 and subject to change.

Airbus (Stand EX3)

Airbus H135
Airbus H135

As one of Airbus’ most successful lightweight rotorcraft, the H135 is known for its endurance, compact build, low sound levels, reliability, versatility, and cost-competitiveness. The H135 comes with the lowest operating and maintenance costs within the twin-engine category. It also can perform varied missions, and can land almost anywhere, particularly in high and hot conditions, while carrying more payload over longer distances than other helicopters in its category.

APAC Heli Solutions (Stand EX2)

AS350B3 Eurocopter
AS350B3 Eurocopter

High performance version of the single engine ECUREUIL range beating every other single engine helicopter in its category.

Army Aviation Command (Stand EX7)

ARH Tiger
ARH Tiger

The Eurocopter Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopter (ARH) is one of the most advanced armed reconnaissance helicopters in the world today. The ARH is a two-seat, attack helicopter that performs a wide range of missions. It is fast and agile with the ability to detect and engage targets at long ranges, and can easily coordinate and control combined arms teams.

Bell Flight (Stand EX8)

Bell 407
Bell 407

An IFR-certified platform with more than six million proval global flight hours, ready to handle your mission.

Bell 429
Bell 429

A smooth, peaceful ride perfect for work or relaxation. A large cabin you can customize to your style. An optional retractable landing gear for convenient taxiing. The Bell 429 is designed around your comfort.

Heliflite (Stand EX4)

Robinson R44 Raven II
Robinson R44 Raven II

The four-seat Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter is high performing, reliable and easy to maintain. R44s have a two-bladed rotor system, T-bar cyclic and the latest in Robinson technology including streamlined instrument panels and crashworthy bladder fuel tanks.

Robinson R66
Robinson R66

The five-seat R66 TURBINE  helicopter is reliable, economical and easy to maintain. R66s have a two-bladed rotor system, T-bar cyclic, hydraulically boosted controls that eliminate cyclic and collective feedback forces, and streamlined instrument panels

Robinson R22
Robinson R22

The two-seat R22 helicopter is a proven workhorse that has delivered exceptional performance in a variety of applications for over forty years. The R22 has a two-bladed rotor system which requires minimum hangar space, T-bar cyclic for easy entry and exit, and a crashworthy fuel system.

Helitak Fire Fighting Services (Stand EX1)


We design and manufacture world-class fire fighting equipment for helicopters.

Helitak commenced operations in 2006 and the efficiency and reliability of their tanks has not gone unnoticed, winning themselves a stable of awards along the way and, more recently, earning themselves further credibility after securing FAA STC approvals.

As qualified engineers and helicopter pilots who had faced off against many a wildfire/bushfire, the Helitak team understood only too well the limitations of the tanks on the market at the time.

Pacific Aircraft Services (Stand EX5)

Guimbal Cabri G2
Guimbal Cabri G2

Pacific Aircraft Services Ltd has been the NZ distributor of the Guimbal Cabri G2 since 2011 and more recently, since 2018, the Australian distributor.

CABRI G2, the little big helicopter.
Key features include:

  • Three-bladed main rotor with composite blades
  • Shrouded Fenestron® tail rotor
  • Full composite structure
  • Reliable powerplant
  • Crash resistant fuel cell
  • Energy absorbing crash resistant seats.

Vita Aerospace Air Rescue Systems Aroha Helicopters (Stand EX6)

Vita Aerospace

Search and rescue operations have some of the most dangerous work environments across all industries. Vita Aerospace Air Rescue Systems Aroha Helicopters exist to eliminate preventable hoist operation accidents and to enhance the vitality of federal and local rescue organizations through innovation and technology. From rugged terrain to ocean rescues, Vita Aerospace is focused on protecting what’s important to you.

Speed, efficiency, and safety determine the outcomes of successful missions. The Vita™ Rescue System® - Litter Attachment (VRS-LA) enhances the capability of the crew, saving more lives, faster.

Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service (Stand EX11)

Eurocopter 135
Eurocopter 135

The Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service patrols the South East Queensland coast and carries out beach surveillance, shark warnings, preventative actions, missing person searches and rescues in the water and on the beach.

The service is also used for emergency response, searches and rescues, working in conjunction with emergency service organisations including the Queensland Police Service, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, and Queensland Fire & Emergency Services.

Wisk Aero (Stand EX9)

Generation 5 Aircraft
Generation 5 Aircraft

Generations 4 and 5

With our 4th and 5th Generation aircraft, we began testing new software, autonomy architectures, sensors, hardware and other components. The aircraft also allowed us to begin development of the broader ecosystem, such as airspace integration, infrastructure, and providers of service for AAM.

Generation 5 (also known as Cora) visually resembles Generation 4, with a few exceptions, such as the booms. Generation 5 also differs from Generation 4 with internal systems, such as improved sensors and software.

  • Years operational: 2017 – Present
  • Pilot Type: Autonomous
  • Number of Test flights: 1300+
  • Aircraft Type:
    • Power: Electric
    • TO/L: VTOL
  • Lift: Fixed wing; lift + cruise
  • Key Milestones and Firsts: First-ever autonomous off-runway flight, Wisk milestone