ROTORTECH 2020 is an industry-only trade event and will take place Tuesday 16 June through to Thursday 18 June 2020. The exposition and conference sessions are reserved for those with a professional, defence, governmental agency, business, academic, scientific, operational or response involvement in maritime and defence related government and industry sectors. The event is not open to the general public.

Trade visitor badges will be issued at the venue, after arrival, on satisfactory completion of the accreditation process to confirm eligibility as a trade visitor. Accreditation may be requested by our trade registration staff and may include qualification as an industry executive, government official or defence professional. It may also require evidence of government-service ID or corporate/industry affiliation. Conditions of entry also apply (see following on this page).

Trade visitor badges once issued will be valid for entry on all three days of the exposition between 0830 and 1800 on Tuesday 16 June, 0830 and 1700 on Wednesday 17 June, and between 0830 and 1600 on Thursday 18 June 2020.

No person under the age of 16 years will be admitted to ROTORTECH 2020 and a dress code applies. Appropriate business attire or applicable uniform is required. Official photographic (passport, drivers license etc.) is necessary and must be carried with you at all times whilst attending ROTORTECH 2020.

Please note that for security purposes, your information may be provided to relevant authorities.



1. Eligibility

1.1 The event is reserved for those with a professional, business, operational or government involvement in, or associated with, the rotary-wing aviation, drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry including operators, helicopter and equipment manufacturers, suppliers , service providers, pilots and engineers and is not open to the general public.

2. Prohibited Items

  2.1   Persons are prohibited from entering ROTORTECH 2020 with any Prohibited Items
  2.2   Prohibited Items (inter alia) include:-
      (i) Firearms or weapons (including replica or toy firearms or weapons);
      (ii)   Explosives or pyrotechnics;
      (iii)   Projectiles;
      (iv)   Paint, chemicals or sprays;
      (v)   Placards, flags, banners or signs;
      (vi)   Megaphones, amplifiers, loud speakers, lights or lasers; or
      (vii)   Materials, substances, devices, apparatus or equipment which, in the opinion of the Organiser, have (or may have) the potential to cause damage, injury, hazard, disruption, public nuisance, offence, distress, public inconvenience or security risk.

3. Registration and Trade Registration Badges

  3.1   To be admitted to ROTORTECH 2020, all persons must be in lawful possession of a Trade Registration Badge issued by either the Organiser or an affiliated Conference Organiser.
  3.2   2. The Organiser’s trade registration documentation must be completed and approved by the Organiser prior to issue of Trade Registration Badges.
  3.3   Trade Registration Badges are non-transferable and may only be used by the person to whom they are issued.
  3.4   Trade Registration Badges are the property of the Organiser and must be surrendered on demand to the Organiser, its officials or security personnel.

4. Identification Requirements

  4.1   Trade Registration Badges must be worn by all persons in a clearly visible manner at all times, and in all places, within ROTORTECH 2020.
  4.2   All persons must carry with them official photographic identification issued by government or statutory authority (e.g. current drivers license, proof of age card, service identification or passport), which must be produced on demand to the Organiser, its officials or security personnel.

5. Security Surveillance

  5.1   Helmets, hats, sunglasses or other apparel, which may impede accurate visual identification of the wearer, must not be worn at any time within the venue.

6. Lost or Unattended Items

  6.1   Bags, luggage, receptacles and personal property and effects left unattended within the venue will be removed from the venue without notice.
  6.2   Enquiries regarding lost property should be made to the Organiser.

7. Suspicious Objects or Behaviour

  7.1   Suspicious objects or persons behaving in a suspicious manner should be reported immediately to the Organiser, its officials or security personnel.

8. Submission to Search

  8.1   It is a condition of entry to ROTORTECH 2020 that all persons consent to being searched for Prohibited Items at any time by the Organiser, its officials or security personnel.
  8.2   It is a condition of entry to ROTORTECH 2020 that all persons consent to their bags, luggage, receptacles, clothing, promotional materials, exhibits, stands, personal property and effects being searched for Prohibited Items at any time by the Organiser, its officials or security personnel.

9. Right to Refuse Entry and to Remove

  9.1   The Organiser may, in their absolute discretion, refuse entry to any person.
  9.2   The Organiser may, in their absolute discretion, require any person to leave the venue.
  9.3   Any person failing to comply with a direction on behalf of the Organiser to leave the venue may be physically removed by the Organiser, its officials or security personnel.

10. Animals

  10.1   Animals will not be admitted to ROTORTECH 2020 except guide dogs being used by blind, deaf or otherwise disabled persons.

11. Photography, Filming and Recording

  11.1   Attendees at the Event acknowledge and agree that:-
      (i)   any or all venues, areas, stands, exhibits, displays and activities associated with the Event, and any or all attendees, may be photographed, filmed, videographed or otherwise (without limitation) recorded, by the Organiser or third parties authorised by the Organiser;
      (ii)   the Organiser, and third parties authorised by the Organiser, may (and are hereby authorised by the attendee to) make, create, store, record, transmit, reproduce or use photographs, films, videos, recordings, pictures and images of any type (without limitation) of any such venues, areas, stands, exhibits, displays and activities and of any or all attendees (without limitation) at or in relation to such venues, areas and activities; and,
      (iii)   Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) may be in operation at any or all times during the Event and the Organiser shall be entitled, without objection, to deliver CCTV videotapes to the Police or other competent authority as evidence, if requested to do so, and the contents of such videotapes may be used as evidence in a court of law.
  11.2   The attendee agrees to the use and exploitation of photographic, film, video, electronic or picture images or recordings (including sound) featuring, incorporating or involving the attendee taken by or on behalf of the Organiser at, or in relation to, all venues, areas, stands, exhibits, displays or activities at or associated with the Event for any and all purposes determined by the Organiser, including for commercial purposes, in any and all media whatsoever (whether in existence now or in the future) around the world withour further authorisation, notification or payment. The attendee hereby waives any rights of objection in connection with such use and all image, privacy or other rights in connection with such use.
  11.3   Unless the attendee otherwise expressly reaches an agreement with the Organiser, each attendee grants the Organisers and third parties authorised by them permission to use recordings and/or images, or other images or likenesses of the attendee, in any media (including publication within and outside Australia) and for any purpose without identification or compensation or payment of any kind.
  11.4   Unless the attendee expressly otherwise reaches an agreement with the Organiser to the contrary, the attendee consents to the Organiser (and third parties authorised by the Organiser) taking photographs, films, tape, electronic and other images or likenesses of the attendee, or any sound recording, and using them as hereinbefore described.
  11.5   Except as authorised in 11.1 to 11.4 above, no attendee (other than on behalf of the Organiser or persons or third parties approved by the Organiser) may photograph, film, video or otherwise record a stand, exhibit, display or any other attendee without the express permission of the stand, exhibit or display manager or the other attendee, but exhibitors are permitted to photograph, film or record their own stands, exhibits and displays.
  11.6   Notwithstanding any provision hereof, in consideration of the admission of the attendee by the Organiser to the Event, the attendee acknowledges and agrees that the Organiser will be under no obligation to the attendee to prevent or preclude (or to take any steps or actions to prevent or preclude) any photography, filming, or recording of any stand, exhibit, display or attendee and the attendee releases the Organiser from all claims, suits or proceedings by the attendee against the Organiser in respect of any such photography, filming or recording.

12. Release of Liability

  12.1   It is a condition of entry to ROTORTECH 2020 that, to the extent permitted by law, visitors, exhibitors and participants exclude, release and forever discharge the Organiser, its personnel, agents and officials from all liability for claims, loss, damage, costs or expenses (whether arising under statute, from negligence, personal injury, death, property damage, infringement of third party rights or otherwise) arising from or connected with ROTORTECH 2020.

13. Organiser

  13.1   In these conditions of entry the term “Organiser” refers to AMDA FOUNDATION LIMITED (ABN 63 091 147 787), its personnel, agents and officials.