From Maybe to Mainstream Conference
(Realising Drone Potential)

The “From Maybe to Mainstream” conference at ROTORTECH, hosted by the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS), will bring together key government agencies and industry to discuss the current state of play for the use of drone technologies and explore opportunities moving forward. Discussion will look at all aspects of the drone technology ecosystem including regulatory and data exploitation aspects.

This complimentary conference to run as part of ROTORTECH, will focus in on how drone technologies are rapidly becoming a significant tool in mainstream government and civilian applications assisting in the provision of important information to the end user in an efficient and safe manner.

The AAUS Conference indicative program (subject to change):

Day 1 will examine current and future applications of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in fire and emergency management. It is a tailored event developed for government agencies and industry and will focus on case studies of fire and police applications of drone technology and will explore challenges and opportunities. The format of the event will be conference presentations and panel discussions. Invited speakers include Chief Remote Pilots from State Police and Fire agencies, CASA and key industry technology developers.

Day 2 will follow a similar format but will shift focus to other civil applications of drone technology including agricultural, infrastructure inspection and aerial survey. Delegates will hear from Government agencies employing drone technologies as well as key industry service and technology developers. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to connect with industry, utilising drones for real and current applications. Networking opportunities will form part of the program including a social event.


Day 1:

Session 1: Application of Drones in Emergency Services
1000 Welcome Address, Greg Tyrrell (Executive Director, AAUS)
1015 A national drone capability for firefighting, Andrew Crowe (Mirragin Unmanned Systems)
1045 Potential and Issues surrounding the use of Drones for Aerial Firefighting, Andrew Matthews (National Aerial Firefighting Centre)
1115 BVLOS RPAS use for Bushfire response – current state of play and options for industry moving forward, Andrew Duggan (Insitu Pacific)
1145 Employing Unmanned Systems for Enhanced Emergency Management, Leading Firefighter & Chief Remote Pilot, Anthony Wallgate (Fire + Rescue NSW)
1215 Lunch break
Session 2: Application of Drones in Emergency Services continued
1315 UAS Roles for Emergency Services, Jack Kormas (Textron Systems Australia)
1345 RPAS assisting Policing Operations: A/Sergeant, Mark Gamer (Queensland Police Service)
1415 Regulatory Considerations for RPAS used in Emergency Services, Luke Gumley (CASA)
1445 Afternoon tea break
Session 3: Application of Drones in Emergency Services continued
1515 RPAS operations within NSW Police Force: Inspector & Chief Remote Pilot, Rob Whittle (NSW Police Force)
1545 Development of Large Drone Systems for Emergency Response, Ken King (Freespace Operations)
1615 DJI Product Presentation, Joshua Foo (D1 Store)
1730 - 1900 Networking Drinks & Pizza Function (The Swill Bar)

Day 2:

Session 4: Drones in Disaster Response
0915 Opening Remarks, Greg Tyrrell (Executive Director, AAUS)
0930 Use cases for RPAS in disaster recovery and aerial surveying, Amy Steiger (Cardno)
1000 RPAS Disaster Response, Rich Adams (Team Rubicon Australia)
1030 Drone Marine Rescue, Nige Austin (The Ripper Group)
1100 Morning Tea break
Session 5: Application of Drones in Environmental, Agriculture and Mining
1130 Drones in Agriculture – Myth vs Reality & what must Change, Fiona Lake (Fiona Lake Photography)
1200 TBC, Meg Kummerow (Fly the Farm)
1230 Using Drone in AG (Migration from Helicopters), Wayne Lording (Cloverdale Group)
1300 Lunch break
Session 6: Application of Drones in Environmental, Agriculture and Mining continued
1400 EPA Applications for RPAS, Mark Bond (EPA Victoria)
1430 TBC, Andrew Chapman (AUAV)
1500 From Underground to Overhead; a unique perspective on an Australian drone development capability, Dr Dawid Preller (Australian Droid + Robot)
1530 Closing Remarks, Greg Tyrrell (AAUS)
Network Function
A network drinks function for AAUS conference delegates and AAUS members will be held on one of the evenings.  Details to follow.


For further information:
Sally Burt 
Membership & Events Manager
Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS) 
0413 102 250